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Nutmeg Aspirin is the place to
share, explore, and connect around
whatever works when it comes to
feeling, getting and being better.

Have you ever found a remedy, elixir, cure, cold-buster, life-changing treatment, mind-soothing meditation, energy boosting practice, or an overall mood enhancer from a friend or a friend of a friend?

It tends to go something like this: You mention an issue or challenge to a friend. They might say, “Me too! Have you thought about trying... It worked for me”. Or perhaps, they suggest you talk to so and so. Sometimes “so and so” is an expert. Often, so and so is just someone like yourself who has been through a similar situation.

Your friend connects you to so and so. If you’re lucky, they advise you. They tell you what they did. What worked. What didn't.

You keep their experience in mind as you come up with your own plan of action. You decide what you think may work for you and you give it a try. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. Regardless, “so and so's” personal experience gives you another possibility to explore, provides context for your experience, and makes the idea of feeling, getting and being better seem more accessible and doable.

Now, take this universal “so and so tried this and it worked for them” experience and transform it into an online community. That’s Nutmeg Aspirin — the place to share, explore, and connect around personal experiences relating to feeling, getting and being better.

With your help, our community shares the type of advice, recommendations, and support you may look to your closest friends and “so and so” for – but together, our collective experience covers more bases, offers more anecdotes of healing, more recipes to make you feel better and more tips on what works.

Maybe it’s nutmeg and/or aspirin that does the trick. Maybe it’s meditation and diet. It may be conventional, alternative, or some of both. It’s whatever works.

Please join us in co-creating a world filled with possibilities based on real experiences. Share what has worked for you. Explore the possibilities of what might work for you. Try your options out and let us know how it goes. Know that you are not alone.

Join Nutmeg aspirin to connect to others,
and more importantly, to yourself.

About us

*We’re all in this together – to get to know our founder, Mara Landis, check out her profile and what has worked for her. 

To health, happiness and friendship,
The Nutmeg Aspirin Team