Eric Kussin

Eric Kussin

Mental health (beta)

Former professional sports executive turned mental health advocate after I went through my own severe period and realized how much change is needed to properly talk about, treat and help patients around the world.

Founder of 501c3: We’re All A Little “Crazy” which is a Global Mental Health Movement with celebrity and expert practitioner alliance members from all over the world.

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I Wrestled With Darkness (PTSD and Depression) and Won

Eric Kussin: Robin Katz, Absolutely not alone, Robyn. So many in this together. In fact I think every is affected to some degree. It’s just so few talk about it bc of the preconceived notions, that it makes sense you'd feel alone. Also the symptoms cause you to see the world so strangely and different than you had before - that you can’t imagine anyone else could possibly be seeing the world as strangely. It’s certainly a mind game but supporting one another does make it easier!

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