Heidi Sloane

Heidi Sloane

New Yorker living in Mexico City. Thanks to my progressive hippie parents, I've been lucky enough to have access to homeopathic and holistic doctors since I was born. Professionally, I am a consultant and collaborator for social enterprises. Personally, I'm eager to seek out and try out new ways to feel, get and be better.

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Any ideas on persistent cough that lasts for several years?

That sounds frustrating.... When I have a stubborn cough, drinking hot water with lemon, cayenne powder and a little bit of honey helps –– breaking mucus up and soothing my throat at the same time. (Though if their cough is lasting years it may be a more chronic issue than the coughs I've had... but trying the lemon-cayenne drink shouldn't do any harm. Worth a try?)

Pain relief from Fibromyalgia

PS: I just saw that someone left a review saying, "I purchased it for my mother. She is smazed at how much it relieves the fibro burning pain in the backs of her hands and tops of her feet. This is the only product we have found that truly works." .... fingers crossed!


Treating Eczema

Has he tried changing his diet? I had terrible eczema and tried all the steroid creams etc without much luck. Following my acupuncturist's advice, I stopped eating anything that contained sugar or yeast and my eczema cleared up! (Takes willpower, but it's worth it.)

Essential Oils for Thinning hair
Want to try

I lost a bunch of hair due to a parasite and my acupuncturist recommended rubbing fresh ginger on my scalp every night for a month to help it grow back. Haven't tried it yet, so who knows, but am adding the essential oils to my list of what to do after the month-long ginger experiment!

The Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Want to try

Yum! Can't wait to try this. For people who want the chocolate taste but can't have sugar (or are just avoiding it), try adding cacao nibs instead of the chocolate chips – that's what I plan to do :)

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