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Blogger, Mother, Founder of Nutmeg Aspirin, Advocate & "Guinea Pig" for feeling-getting-being-better. Mara is a NY State Safe & Healthy Foods Advisory Council Member, an Advisor to Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute, and is currently involved in The Vitality Project at Brown University--a research study looking at the effects of Qi Gong on cancer patients post chemo and radiation as well as supporting efforts to bring mindfulness to doctors in training and the students at large.

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What should I eat for breakfast?

I like starting the morning with a glass of warm lemon water with a splash of cayenne. I also make a green juice using Dr. Gundry's Primal Plants. ( And sometimes I just combine the lemon, cayenne and primal plants together to save time!)


Multi Collagen Protein
It worked

I use this product every morning and I have also noticed a huge change in my energy. I no longer feel exhausted. My energy is great up until bedtime, but I also have no problems falling asleep which was happening before drinking Dr. Axe's product every morning! I also give it to my son and his acne is much better as well. I think it has reduced the redness and flare ups.

Relieve Your Achey Neck While You Sleep
It worked

My husband went to the doctor because of a stiff, sore neck and the doctor recommended he wear a neck brace at night. They are $10 on Amazon and it has been life changing. It took a few nights to adjust to sleeping with the brace, but his neck is feeling SO MUCH better!!

One-Ingredient Natural Deodorant
It worked

I also have tried so many "natural" deodorants and similarly found they work for short durations. A friend suggested I try a combo of witchhazel and baking soda. I buy witchhazel pads at the drug store, dip into baking soda and then apply. The combo really works, but will now try just baking soda!I Also, when I do use regular deodorant, my new favorite is a brand called Native. It is free of aluminum, parabens, sulfates etc. and works better than any of the store bought brands I have tried.

Thanks for sharing. Could you explain how you achieve your level of quietude? So many struggle with this!

Calm Patches Calm the Body, Mind and Spirit

Mara Landis: Heidi Sloane, I suppose DIY would be meditation or listening to calming music, taking deep breaths, but to be honest, putting on a patch is so easy and lasts for 8 hours. The energy is amazing and even if one does not connect with the idea that they are "energized" the placebo effect is well documented. Nothing ever feels overwhelming or extreme despite the circumstances when I am wearing them.

Simple Detox Habit for Glowing Skin
It worked

Thanks for this great post! I used to dry brush and then I stopped. I just kept forgetting and recently started again and my skin is so soft. And the reduce and prevent cellulite effect is enough to motivate me to never stop!!

Your Approach to Others
Want to try

Thank you so much for sharing! So simple. So wise and no doubt so effective. I intend to do this always, starting right now. "I wish you happiness" Peaceful Warrior!! Much gratitude!

EFT for Pain, Anxiety, Panic
It worked

EFT is amazing! Thank you for sharing. For people who do not know what it is, could you provide some direction on how to do it? It is so simple and yet SO effective!! Thanks!

Airelle Skincare Reduces Wrinkles & Improves Skin Health!
It worked

I have been using the Airelle products at the advice of a friend for the past month and just yesterday, my sister in law asked what I was doing because my skin looked so good! I am always trying "organic" skincare products, but this is the first time I have seen a noticeable difference.

BioMat Heals, Restores and Relaxes
It worked

Thank you Carol for sharing about the Biomat. I recently purchased one. My family loves it and in fact, we nudge each other off the mat to get a turn. The benefit for me is RELAXATION! I generally meditate on the mat and it facilitates a deeper calm, peace and tranquility. My husband recently had knee surgery and this morning after his work out, he said, I can't believe my knee feels so great. Zero pain. I am sure his time on the biomat has helped him to fully heal.

Fear of Needles

I got a vitamin infusion yesterday to help me with a really bad cold and it is magical. I am back to myself today!!!!

Make a "To Do" List for the Universe

Mara Landis: wayofthepeacefulwarrior, Good point but maybe put on the to do for the universe— help me to do the work so that I may be ready to meet or connect with someone as a life partner. Then on your list— maybe write- find a therapist, meditate, be more honest with myself. Yes, the line can be blurred but I would not get too bogged down in drawing the line as no doubt, the universe will help you accomplish tasks on both sides of the line. I think the point of spelling it out is to send the signal that you want the help!!

Self-Centered is NOT a bad word
It worked

Thanks so much for this reminder. As a mom of three, I learned long ago that my family is only as good as I am. Making sure I take care of myself- meditate, yoga, self reflection, sometimes journaling, long walks... not only helps me stay balanced, but it helps all those around me as well. Also, by my discovering what I need to do to take care of myself— to be the best me, I am modeling that behavior for my children. It should be the number one priority on everyone’s to do list!!

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