Steve Sloane

Steve Sloane

I live in Ossining with my wife Melanie, who is a yoga instructor and massage therapist. I've written 150+ short stories and plays, some of which detail my complementary medical experiences and others dealing with ecology and progressive politics.

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Medical Heretic – Curing Cancer Against Doctors' Orders

So many people suffer unnecessarily. I had lunch with an old friend last Saturday. He was one of the best athletes I knew, but now is poisoned from chemo for leukemia. He has only months to live, if his doctors are correct. He had miso soup and excused himself to vomit. He seemed so interested in my recovery. It has been more than six years since I refused radiation therapy and used IV "C", "C-mo therapy" instead. Six plus years without pain and suffering. Outdoor tennis starts tomorrow!

Raw Ginger Relieves Cramps & Calms Eczema Flare-ups
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Instead of water + stevia, which I don't like, try juicing what I call "adult lemonade". Three whole medium apples, an eighth of a small lemon including the rind, a slice of raw ginger, just 1/4" cross-section of a thumb. That is all. The drink bites, and gives you a delightful pucker that will leave you clicking your tongue. It is great for respiratory, anti-inflammatory, alkalizing, energizing.

Fear of Needles

Steve Sloane: Ronald Drucker, Thank you, Ron. My maintenance dosage is just 20G, but I have taken as much as 125G three times per week without side effects, except for slight chill, more frequent urination, increased energy, improved mood, and vigorous health.

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