Recommendations for night time pain?

By Patty Armstrong – November 30, 2017 21:41

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Hello, I’m recovering from a horseback riding accident. I have chronic pain and stiffness in my knee as well as my my ankle. I have soft tissue injury to the muscle and ligaments. Currently working hard in physical therapy. I’ve been using CBD PRO SPORT CREAM level 5 that has worked fairly well. However was wondering if this community would recommend something else. The cream is short lived and haven’t gotten a descent sleep in about 3 months. Currently NOT on opioids or any pain medicine. Ready to try 800 mg Motrin which will probably upset my stomach.

Thanks for any advice!


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By Patty Armstrong - November 30, 2017 21:41
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Recommendations for night time pain?

Hi Patty, I love that you're using a CBD sport cream, but yes, it won't really help with your sleep unless you're taking a stronger mg tincture. I have 1500 mg & 3000 mg available and I'm curious - what else is in your sport cream? If too many ingredients, I suggest switching or adding a combo of my Body Butter (which is JUST CBD and Shea butter) and Topricin pain relief. Those are biomedical formulations with arnica, echinacea, etc. Might as well through the arsenal at you!

I also would like to offer my Synergy Sprays. Often what is affecting our sleep is better addressed by the emotional / energetics and not just our physical and physiological. Remember, we are mind, body AND spiritual based beings. Aromatherapy is the oldest modality that affects all three levels of our being simultaneously. Both CBD and aromatherapy essential oils offer the best of plant based ingredients and ancient healing mixed with modern science. That's why I use them all in my company's products.

For sleep I recommend using Clear (it has sage in it, as one of the EOs) and it clears negative energy and Inspire, which works on your head and mind - calming them so you can sleep. That's what I often hear from people who love the sprays. However, I also hear that Nurture (which is to replenish you when you are depleted at the end of a day, or in general - for all you "givers" out there...) is great to help with sleep because it helps you feel like you're giving yourself a "yummy hug" (what one autistic boy called that spray).

If you have any questions or I can be helpful to you in any way, please just reach out. I also have a facebook group (The ABC's of CBD) and you can just shoot me an email: Anything I can do to help... sweet dreams!

Recommendations for night time pain?

Id like to try your CBD with Shea Butter!

Recommendations for night time pain?

Jamie Ferrell: Patty Armstrong, Hi Patty! Great job on staying active in Physical Therapy. I bought the oil version of this after reading this possibility and finds that it really helps with some of my injury-related pain. Also we do turmeric tea (which is on the site too!) and I've heard cannabis works magic but haven't tried it. Speedy healing to you!

Sore Muscle and Joint Relief Michelle
Recommendations for night time pain?

I’ve ordered some oil. Hoping that will work better than the cream. I e been told to massage my muscles and tendons. Hoping it will work. Thanks for Suggesting the turmeric I’ll give it a try. I’ve been drinking ginger, honey and cinnamon every morning and evening for health and because I find it delicious. I haven’t tried the cannabis either, but I’ve heard it does work well.
Thank you for the info and the well wishes!

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