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e.g.: I'm suffering from intense menstrual cramps, does anyone have any suggestions on what I should try?

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Natural Remedies for sore throat
asked this 5 days ago

Heidi Sloane: Hot water with honey and lemon (plus a few shakes of cayenne pepper if you have a cough or lots of mucus). Also, harder to come by, but if you're able to find/buy some heliopsis longipes extract, it's great for instant relief... I use the one from HÖPSIS but they only sell here in Mexico. (

I have a very serious case of poison ivy. Any recommendations?
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asked this 3 weeks ago

Joshua Mesnik: Thank you so very much Heidi :)

Any tips for keeping a healthy immune system while traveling?
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asked this 1 month ago
Stye in My Eye, Help!
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asked this 1 month ago
What is the best natural substitute for aspirin?
asked this 1 month ago

Tore Mikal Schanke: The closest natural equivalent, is the tea/extracts from the bark of willows, other Salix spp or spires. I have not experimented with the natural salicin, as the aspirin pills are easier to use. I have very good effects from extracts of ginger or cooked up pieces of the fresh root. When it comes to pain and nausea. Gingerol is a good anti-inflammatory. To get the blood thinning effect of aspirin, oil of cloves, is a good alternative (as a part of aromatherapy). Absorbed by the skin. The yellow substance in turmeric powder, curcumin, is somewhat related to gingerol, but is also a great anti-oxidant, besides being anti-inflammatory. It is debated, how much of it is absorbed when eaten. I see it's available as tablets with extract of black pepper, to facilitate absorption. Other preparations are dissolved in fat, and made to tiny droplets, by stirring with the natural emulsifier, lecithin. You get this in gelatin capsules. In some places hemp is legal. Some people have good anti-inflammatory and other pain relieving effects of the weed, but I can't recommend that you use it illegally. Nutmeg, is a rather poisonous spice, and a dose of nutmeg or mace, of several grams, can be used to get a poisoning of the body with nausea and hallucinations. It's not illegal - as the experience usually is very unpleasant and it can have effects on the mind, for more than a week! But, I have no idea about it as a pain reliever. When it comes to poppies and kratom, I lieve those to other sources on the web (like Wikipedia). I'd love to hear from anyone who has ever tried willow bark (salicin), as it was the natural inspiration for making aspirin from salicylic acid... Best regards to everyone who is interested in natural remedies!