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e.g.: I'm suffering from intense menstrual cramps, does anyone have any suggestions on what I should try?

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What has helped with brain fog for lyme disease?
Most days my brain feels like it's filled with sty... (Read More)
asked this 1 month ago

Mara Landis: Perhaps go see Dr. Ben Asher in NYC. He is an integrative ENT, but 30% of his patients have Lyme. He thinks outside the box. Also research HOCATT. We have heard it is really helping people with Lyme. It is an Ozone Sauna.

Has anyone had Epstein Barr? Remedies? Doctors?
Super exhausted from Epstein Barr!
asked this 1 month ago

Nutmeg Aspirin: Pamela Ellison, Hi Pamela, we asked our Instagram community if they had any tips to share. Here are some responses... hope you find something that works for you!

Remedies for Epstein Barr / Mononucleosis Nutmeg Aspirin
Morning Sickness Magic Cures?
Anyone who has been sick during pregnancy knows th... (Read More)
asked this 3 months ago
How can I stay asleep throughout the night?
Without zzquil I can't stay asleep
asked this 3 months ago

Nutmeg Aspirin: Suzy Poo, We asked our Instagram community to share what works for them – here's a roundup of their tips for sleeping soundly through the night:

Tips for Sleeping Soundly Through The Night Nutmeg Aspirin
Recommendations for night time pain?
Hello, I’m recovering from a horseback riding acci... (Read More)
asked this 3 months ago

Patty Armstrong: Id like to try your CBD with Shea Butter!