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e.g.: I'm suffering from intense menstrual cramps, does anyone have any suggestions on what I should try?

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Morning Sickness Magic Cures?
Anyone who has been sick during pregnancy knows th... (Read More)
asked this 1 day ago
How can I stay asleep throughout the night?
Without zzquil I can't stay asleep
asked this 6 days ago

Mara Landis: Suzy Poo, Have you searched sleep on our site? There are many great tips. Here is one that may be very helpful. Electronics near the bed can greatly impact sleep!

Keeping Electronics Out of Your Bedroom for Better Sleep Beth Greer
Recommendations for night time pain?
Hello, I’m recovering from a horseback riding acci... (Read More)
asked this 2 weeks ago

Patty Armstrong: Id like to try your CBD with Shea Butter!

Where do I buy the CBD oil? I'm suffering with chronic pain
I suffer with chronic pain from degenerative disc... (Read More)
asked this 2 weeks ago

Shira Adler: Hi Cheryl Lee... I just responded to someone else here with a question about CBD. I am an author, speaker, advocate and entrepreneur in the CBD space. My book is coming out on an. 2nd on Amazon, but I am here for you right now, if you wish to pick my brain. My products were developed by one of the world's top (very few) master cultivators, master grower and endocannabinoid scientist. Most of the "big" companies actually hire him to consult but only one farm has his actual plants... ours. They were developed for 5 years before a single one was planted in the ground in Colorado. Not all CBD is equal. All should have CERTAIN things, like verifiable third-party testing and honestly, the proof is how it looks, and how it makes you feel. Every physical body is really unique so what happens for one person cannot be expected necessarily to work for someone else. However, that being said, really good product has really good results... it's just a matter of time. So visit my website: and learn more about me on If you have any questions, send me a PM on I also have a group on FB: The ABC's of CBD. Join us!!! Happy to help however I'm able. Best, Shira 914-861-5186 (what the heck, text or call me if you'd like... that goes for anyone in this nice community!)

Need a name to order cbd
Trying to order oil cbd but keeps asking who tefer... (Read More)
asked this 3 weeks ago

Shira Adler: Hi Elaine... what website asked you for that info? Seems funny. If you're going to my site, it shouldn't do that... but if you need help, send me a PM on FB or email: I'll be in touch with you directly if you'd like and can hand process anything you wish to order.