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e.g.: I'm suffering from intense menstrual cramps, does anyone have any suggestions on what I should try?

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How can we neutralize internal pH?
A friend is battling cancer and is looking for way... (Read More)
asked this 1 week ago

Heidi Sloane: Thanks! How much baking soda should go into the warm water and lemon? 1 tsp? 1 tbs?

Any ideas on persistent cough that lasts for several years?
Loved one has dry hacking cough. All day everyday.... (Read More)
asked this 3 weeks ago

Mara Landis: Toni Toni, Someone just posted this possibility. I hope it helps! Also try rubbing your ear lobe. It works for simple coughs but not sure about a chronic cough. Wishing you relief!!

Getting Rid of a Stubborn Cough Elyn Jacobs
What are ideas to naturally block estrogen?
Metastatic Breast Cancer (stage 4) positive recept... (Read More)
asked this 3 weeks ago

Elyn Jacobs: There are many ways to lower aromatase, but most importantly, have you tried increasing progesterone? estrogen cannot fuel bc in the presence of sufficient progesterone. Maybe this article helps

Pain relief from Fibromyalgia
I got Fibro as a goodbye from surgery from cancer.... (Read More)
asked this 3 weeks ago

Louise Richardson: Thank you any advice is appreciated

Natural remedies for toenail fungus?
Got stomped by a heel at a wedding and my nail cam... (Read More)
asked this 1 month ago

Mara Landis: Maybe try tea tree oil? That sounds painful!