Community guidelines

Welcome to the Nutmeg Aspirin community! We like to think of ourselves as a neighborhood, where we sit on the proverbial stoop, chat over the fence, swap stories, suggestions, offer advice and moral support. A simple “me too” goes a long way, but a “this is what worked for me” goes even farther!

Our team is dedicated to making Nutmeg Aspirin a great place to share whatever works. Feeling, getting and being better is so subjective. Only you know how you feel, but no doubt what worked for you MIGHT also work for another person. When you share what works, you are contributing to a sea of possibilities for our community members to consider, giving others the opportunity to learn about and try out whatever worked for you.

We thank you for joining us in our pursuit of creating a safe space to learn, connect, listen, be heard, and, ultimately, feel, get and be better. The Nutmeg Aspirin Community Guidelines are designed to support positive contributors and to block and remove attacks, spammers, trolls, and people who aren't contributing in a positive or helpful way. We uphold these guidelines for all community members, including our team:

Keep it real. Post your personal experience only, and own it. (It’s a powerful thing after all.) Don’t impersonate others, share hearsay or spread gossip. Post sincere stories that are helpful to other community members.
Be original. Post your original possibilities/stories. Don’t post copyrighted material or content from other websites.
Be kind. The Golden Rule applies at all times: Treat others in a manner that you would like to be treated. Show compassion and use your manners. No insults, personal attacks, bullying or snide comments. It takes courage to share personal healing experiences. Those who share do so to benefit the larger community.
Give thanks. Thank a community member if their possibility has helped you.
Be transparent. If you represent a product, company, or provider, make this clear to the group. Don't create and share stories if you have a potential conflict of interest. Employees, founders, friends and family of a provider should make their connection known if they’re sharing a relevant tip. Paid reviews will not be tolerated on Nutmeg Aspirin. Commercial posts and links are not allowed and will be swiftly removed.
Play it safe. Don’t post about harmful or illegal practices. If you see something that seems harmful or illegal, please report it to us.
Show Respect. All the standard rules of Internet forums apply to our community: Don’t spam, rant, post duplicate comments, post classified ads, write off-topic posts, type in ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME or use Nutmeg Aspirin to further an inappropriate personal agenda.

Our Promise

We will create and support a fair space for you to share your personal experiences of what worked for you.

Nutmeg Aspirin is here for you, whoever you are, whatever your experience. Our forums are open to all members’ experiences when it comes to feeling, getting and being better. We’re not endorsing or judging the possibilities – you are the owner of your own experience.

We'll be honest With You.

No smoke and mirrors, no tricks, no BS. You can expect transparency and respect from us. We’ll keep you up to date about Nutmeg Aspirin and we’ll make sure our participation rules are clear.

We'll Support You.

Our team is interested in discovering and sharing alternative and complementary treatments and practices. We’ll remain judgement free and provide an unbiased platform in which people can share what works for them -- whatever that may be. We’ll support you on your journey of feeling, getting and being better by suggesting relevant possibilities based on what you’ve shared or tried.

We Will Be On The Lookout.

We are relentless about making sure spam does not enter into the conversation. We are constantly monitoring our community and content for inappropriate spam and content. Harmful or threatening content will be swiftly removed. Threats are taken seriously, and we reserve the right to notify any referenced individuals directly.

We Will Listen to You.

We are always open to hearing feedback. Please talk to us. We always welcome feedback and feature ideas.

Thank you for being part of our community. Always remember, you are not alone and there is a world of possibilities out there, or in this case: HERE!.