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sleep support

Thanks Carolyn!! Always interested in hearing about natural relaxation and sleep aids. Sweet dreams xo

I Wrestled With Darkness (PTSD and Depression) and Won

Thank you for your bravery and generosity in sharing your experience. It can be very isolating to suffer from the challenges you faced. Hearing your story lets us know we are not alone in our suffering. Knowing that can make all the difference. I'm so happy you were able find a pathway to health and well-being.

Bless Away Crippling Emotions
It worked

I felt that this practice, initially recommended by Jenny, helped me to bring my attention to the emotion I was feeling which was sadness. By bringing my attention to it and recognizing it for what it was instead of shying away from or denying it I felt that I had been given permission to accept it and embrace it without having to treat it as my enemy but rather just part of my process.

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