Jeff Bell

Jeff Bell

Alternative health

Born in 1950, Jeff Bell grew up planning to follow in his Dad’s footsteps through medical school to become a physician. He was so committed to this path that by the time he left high school he had most of his pre-med studies completed. 


But as he was ready to begin selecting a medical school, something just did not feel right. He audited a number of classes at prestigious schools and quickly realized that far too much emphasis was being placed on suppressing symptoms and not enough on even identifying the core problems, let alone resolving them. 


Disappointed and disillusioned, Jeff scrapped his plans for medical school and went back to engineering and high-end building to earn his living. 


About 15 years later he met Dr. Henrique, an amazing chiropractor and master of Applied Kinesiology. Jeff fell in love with Dr. Henrique’s work, so he put the rest of his life on hold to study with and learn from Dr. Henrique. What he learned from Dr. Henrique gave him a solid platform to help people heal, often from daunting health problems that had not yielded to other approaches. 


In the years since, Jeff has made it a point to study with a number of the world’s experts in leading edge alternative and natural health. Over the more than 4 decades that Jeff has studied and practiced alternative health, he has become a teacher, master healer and sought out leader in his field.


For more than 25 years Jeff has layered an intense study and investigation into the mechanisms of cancer and how to overcome them on top of his existing background in health sciences and alternative health. 


He has helped many of his clients achieve remarkable recoveries, even after other practitioners declared their cases hopeless. Jeff’s approach has been so successful that his clients have begun calling him “The Overcoming Cancer Coach.”

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