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What should I eat for breakfast?

I always recommend trying to ensure your macronutrients (fat, protein, and carbs) are balanced at each meal. One of my go-to's is a bowl of Greek yogurt (protein! carbs!) with hemp seed hearts (protein! fat) and fruit (carbs!) sprinkled on top.


Ear Ache Relief
It worked

Wow! I'm so impressed. Thank you for sharing this Michelle. I felt an earache coming on Friday night (along with what felt like the beginning of a cold), but ran to the store to grab some oils after remembering this post. Sure enough, with frequent application from Friday night through Sunday morning, I now feel just fine!

Relieve Your Achey Neck While You Sleep
Want to try

Timely! Last week, I woke up with a stiff neck for the first time in YEARS. An adjustment and massage later, I'm feeling much better, but will definitely be trying this as well. Thank you for sharing!

Treating Eczema

Jamie Ferrell: Heidi Sloane, I have a friend whose kiddo is really suffering from eczema (it actually led to alopecia). I'm going to send her this + your advice on dropping sugar/yeast.

One-Ingredient Natural Deodorant
It worked

Awesome! Did you get any redness or itching the first few times you used it? I find that I react with natural deodorant that contains baking soda, but I've not tried it alone. My favorite is Piperwai (charcoal-based), but it's kind of a pain to get out of the jar. May have to give plain ole baking soda a go!

Magnesium infusion
Want to try

Very interesting! Thank you for sharing. I've only taken magnesium orally, and it sometimes causes some serious digestive issues. Did you notice a stomach ache afterward?

Organic Coconut Oil, A Natural Sunscreen
Want to try

Thanks! I remember reading last summer that a Carribean island was asking tourists to refrain from using sunscreen with oxybenzone because the chemical is proven to be killing the reefs! Imagine what it does to us...

Your Approach to Others
It worked

I didn't know where this method came from, but I remember reading about it and it stuck with me. I was in Afghanistan for 18 months from 2011-2013 and used to run there, thinking, "I wish you happiness" to the war fighters and terrorists alike. It always felt so profound to focus my energy in that way. Thank you for sharing.

Stop Eczema Flares with Tea Tree Oil

Jamie Ferrell: Heidi Sloane, Hi! It seems like he is struggling with environmental triggers. He only gets flares when he's been around animals or really dusty places. I will watch for food triggers and am totally on board with that, but he was fine until we went to see my parents in TN (they have a lot of animals!). Do you ever experience environmental triggers, or is it all diet for you?

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